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(Even if your team train 3/4 times a week!)
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Are you ready to take your game game to the next level?
Join our 16 week In Season Fitness program in the PS Training Academy, as we structure your daily training to either improve or maintain your football specific fitness. This program is designed to fit around your team training and i will give you support to help tailor the schedule to fit with your fixture list.
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From PlayerScout Founder Grantley 
My background as a player who came through the academy system, before working for a professional football club for a number of years, lead me to launch PlayerScout™. 

Our main aim is to help bridge the gap between the amateur and professional game. My goal is to help players reach their full potential and enable talented players to get the best chance of playing at a professional level.

Grantley Baugh

What to expect in the 
In Season Program...
  • Daily Training Plan: We map out your whole daily training plan for the entire 16 weeks, which includes, workouts, field base conditioning, mental preparation strategies specific to football. The program will work on your speed, strength, power, agility, endurance, speed endurance, injury prevention, flexibility and mobility.
  • Community Group: You will have access to a secret training group where you can share your training, ask questions, get feedback and interact with other like-minded players, just like you!
  • Exercise Demos: Video exercise demos and progress tracking with the App
  • Accountability: Support and motivation from Grantley
  • Follow Along: All you have to do is follow my lead, just show up each day, hit every rep and you're sure to be a more athletic player by the end of the program.
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"PlayerScout are just on the ball with everything surrounding football and how you make it as a footballer. The time, effort and passion is whats come across to us from PlayerScout "
Arren + Vicky Warner
"It's been really helpful in guiding me to keep track of my training, to improve my strength and conditioning."

Peter Mendy
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