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The Football Nutrition Program will show you how to..
  • Increase your energy levels so you can get more out of your training sessions and put in 100% throughout the full match, which means you will be able to out sprint your opponents in the final minutes to latch on to that through ball or perform a last ditch challenge. 
  • Improve your focus so you can maintain your concentration as you tire, and carry out specific tactics and positional roles, which means you are able to react to situations faster than your opposition, especially during critical periods of the game
  • Provide optimum gains from your training so you can get more out of each training session, which means you will progress faster than other players performing the same sessions. 
  • Enhance your recovery so you can return to training or play matches quicker, which means you are able to get more quality training sessions completed and speed up your overall progression
  • Help you reach and maintain your ideal physique so you are not carrying excess body fat, which means you look and feel more confident on the pitch. 
  • Reduce the risk of illness & injury so you can train and play more often throughout the season, which means less chances of losing fitness, dropping performance levels and becoming a player your coach can count on
  • Increase your confidence so you you can go out and express yourself on the pitch, which means you're more likely to perform to your optimal levels more often and impress your manager and potential scouts
  • Make the right food choices in restaurants so you can enjoy going out with friends and family socialising, which means you are able to relax more in your downtime without worrying about your food choices negatively effecting your performance
  • Improve your performance consistency so you can regularly progress in your training and matches, which means you will become and overall stronger, faster, fitter and more technical player
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From PlayerScout Founder Grantley 
My background as a player who came through the academy system, before working for a professional football club for a number of years, lead me to launch PlayerScout™. 

Our main aim is to help bridge the gap between the amateur and professional game. My goal is to help players reach their full potential and enable talented players to get the best chance of playing at a professional level.

Grantley Baugh

What to expect in the 
Football Nutrition Program...

1. Football Nutrition eBook

  • 91 pages of science backed football nutrition advice
  • Macro and Micro nutrient guides for football players
  • Hydration guide & strategy to plan your fluid intake
  • Tips and advice on how to safely supplement your footballers diet
  • Weight management strategies

2. PlayerScout Football Nutrition Plan®

  • 4 week rotating meal plan, bespoke to your individual weight, training & daily calorific needs
  • Fun and easy to prepare meals
  • ​Foods that are readily available in all good supermarkets
  • Meals that can be cooked in bulk or prepared with minimal cooking experience

3. PRE/DURING/POST Match Recipes & Snack Ideas

  • Pre match meals and snack ideas
  • Half time re-fuel snacks to boost energy
  • Post match recovery foods
  • ​Healthy smoothies and drinks
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"PlayerScout are just on the ball with everything surrounding football and how you make it as a footballer. The time, effort and passion is whats come across to us from PlayerScout "
Arren + Vicky Warner
"It's been really helpful in guiding me to keep track of my training, to improve my strength and conditioning."

Peter Mendy
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