Utilising the latest scientific principles I've used on grassroots to international players, such as personal player analysis, goal & intent setting, transformation coaching, 12 month development plans, checklists, cheatsheets & online community of 100,000 players to create lasting results. 


Player transformation results backed by the latest science, over 50 research studies & 10 yrs + first hand research during my time working in professional football and playing academy level. The techniques in this program have helped players dominate in academy fitness tests, get trials and build long lasting confidence. Proven on 10,000's of players from around the world!


Over 10,000 players of all backgrounds, skill levels, age & fitness have transformed using this proven plan. Grantley's experience having played through the academy system,  working for a professional club, and testing these techniques directly with players - many of which stay with his training alongside their professional structured football.

Do you want to get
fitter, faster, stronger and leaner Over The Next 30 days?

All for just £20
Build Your Foundation Strength, Endurance And
Reduce Risk Of Injury Throughout The Season.
We recommend ALL players start with this program and complete once a season
The PlayerScout Football Fitness Accelerator is a 30-day foundation football strength and conditioning program, proven to develop your baseline strength, speed, stamina, power and agility.

Whilst reducing the risk of injury, by strengthening your connective tissues and correcting any muscular imbalances formed throughout the season. So you can progress your training safely and stay on track for your goals. 

This program is ideal for all players in off season, or to build a strong fitness foundation, before more intensive training phases. 

This program is ideal for you if:

You want to increase the chance of staying injury free throughout the season, and train your body to recover faster after training and matches
You want to take the guess work out of your individual training, and follow a proven fitness plan that will prepare you for intensive phases in the season
Your goal is to progress to a higher level, and know that you cannot leave all of your fitness work to team training alone. 
You want to decrease your overall body fat, so you can improve your movement and joint flexibility, leading to better on field performance.
97% Of Players Reported Feeling Fitter and Leaner After Finishing The Program

Program Overview

30 days of daily football specific workouts in the PS Academy Training App
50+ Exercises you can do at home, on the field or in the gym
Certified Performance Coach In Your Pocket
Bodyweight HIIT and field based fitness workouts specific to football
Workouts designed to accelerate fat loss
Reps, sets and rest periods programmed based on the latest sport science
Exercise and workout video demonstrations and coaching
Suitable for players ALL ages and levels
Time efficient workouts - All workouts are 45 minutes or less
Access To Our Member Only Player Community Facebook Group


Get Your Own Performance Coach
1-2-1 Direct Messaging With Your Coach
The In-App messenger will put you in direct contact with your performance coach 24/7.

So you can ask any questions about training, and make sure you get the most out of the program. 
​Improve Your Speed, Strength, Stamina, Flexibility and Physique

You Get Immediate Access To The PS Training Academy App..

So you can keep an exact log of your training history, and ensure you are safely progressing each session.
To make sure you are fuelling correctly for the your workouts and lifestyle,
So you know the exact form to perform each exercise to get the most out of the workout. 
To ensure that your everyday life improves your progression and recovery
1-2-1 In App Messaging
So you can ask a certified performance coach questions about the training 24/7.
So you can discuss training, football, and a have a little banter with other footballers sharing your passion. 
So you can track all your personal statistics over time, including body fat %, weight, height, sleep quality, BMI and progress photos
So you can train each day at a time suitable to your lifestyle from anywhere in the world. 
To ensure you are working in the correct training zone for maximum gains for each workout, whilst programming the best rest period for training adaptations. 
Works seamlessly with MyFitnessPal, apple watch and FitBit so you can track all of your training, movement and nutrition in one place  
So you can look ahead for future workouts, to plan them around your lifestyle and commitments. 
Track all other activity including team training, matches, so you have a full overview of your weekly activity, and can monitor if you are over/under training. 

Are You Ready To Build A Fitness Foundation, Improve Your Athleticism And Burn Unwanted Fat?

All for just £20


The Results Speak For Themselves..
 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned On! 

"I've been awarded 2 trials with 2 professional clubs" - Arren Warner

"It's been amazing, I've done so many workouts and i feel great about myself. It has motivated me, and i can't wait to keep on going..." - Octavian

"It's been really helpful in guiding me to keep track of my training, to improve my strength and conditioning..." - Peter Mendy

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Do I need a gym membership to take part in the Football Fitness Accelerator?

No, the Accelerator takes place in our PS Training Academy App, which means you are able to participate right in the comfort of your own home, garden or the local park or field, all you need is WIFI access.

How will I receive Football Fitness Accelerator Program?

You will receive access to the App within seconds of ordering. However, the group training Accelerator starts on Monday, so you can set up your account, update your stats and measurements and get ready for the training.

Can I really improve my fitness with just my bodyweight?

100%!! Our bodies can’t tell the difference between bodyweight and iron, all they know is tension. To improve your physical fitness, you must use a process called overload, this stimulates your muscles to want to adapt.
When you are training with only bodyweight, there are some key techniques you can include to ensure you apply the overload principle. The 30 Day Football Fitness Accelerator is geared towards improving the baseline strength and conditioning you need for football performance over the 4 week program.

Can I add weight training to Football Fitness Accelerator?

We recommend that you leave the Football Fitness Accelerator untampered. Let the program work the way it was designed to help you. Our performance coaches have created this program to help get the most improvements in your foundational fitness, whilst allowing for adequate recovery and rest times to ensure you can progress safely through the program. 

You will be surprised just how difficult (and effective) bodyweight training can be.

Can I ask questions about the program after I get started?

You sure can. You will have 24/7 access to Grantley as your very own performance coach, you can message anytime through the PS Training Academy App. Our dedicated team are ready (and even enjoy) helping to ask questions and providing support to ensure you get the most out of the 30 Day Accelerator.

How Soon Will I Start To See Results?

Almost immediately. Not only will you see improvements in your energy levels and flexibility by the second workout, you will also start to see noticeable changes in your body by the start of the second week of the Accelerator.

The 30-Day Football Fitness Accelerator is proven to help players who need to get lasting results fast!

I’m Sceptical, I’ve tried other online fitness programs before that haven’t worked!

We know exactly how you feel, and to be honest that is one of the reasons we launched the PS Training Academy. A lot of players try general fitness training programs in an attempt to improve their on-field performance. However, to improve football performance, you need a football specific periodized plan, that first lays the foundation to allow you to increase the intensity with more sport specific training in the later phase.

Well this Accelerator is the foundation. 

98% of players that completed the Football Fitness Accelerator improve their foundation strength, stamina, speed and reduce body fat percentage. 

With a complete day by day plan already laid out for you, all you have to do is follow my lead and you can start seeing results in as little as a week.

How long are the workouts?

One of the biggest myths in football player development is that you have to complete long gruelling training session to get results. Well that’s not true when you’re training for football performance. 

The workouts in the Football Fitness Accelerator ensure you’re working in the correct training zone for laying the foundation for football specific fitness. Every workout is between 35 - 45 minutes (mimicking half a match) allowing you to safely train with intensity and get the best results.

This allows you to do more work in a shorter amount of time, which gives you more bang for your buck and enables you more free time to concentrate on other areas of your football development.

How old do I need to be to take the Football Fitness Accelerator?

Our training programs are designed for players of 14 years up to players as old as 40 (we even have retired internationals currently training in the PS Training Academy App. join our programs). 

The Football Fitness Accelerator training is based around relative strength. Which means you train based on what you are currently capable of. 
This is why bodyweight training is ideal, as during a football match, the faster and more explosive you can move your body, the more athletic you will be on the pitch. 

I enjoy doing other activities like running/bike riding. Can I still do these while training with the Accelerator?

100%!! You can still enjoy your leisure activities on your recovery days. But on workouts days, you should follow the plan that we have in the Accelerator, to ensure you do not risk over training which will increase the chances of injury or burn out.

Light recovery exercises sessions can also help to reduce fat and improve body composition. Just do not forget the goal of The Football Fitness Accelerator is to improve your foundation strength and fitness, whilst reducing body fat and the likelihood of injury. Trust the process!

Do I Need A Partner To Complete The Football Fitness Accelerator?

No, all you need is a smart phone (to get private access to the PS Training Academy App) so you can follow along with the workouts each day. 

Will I have a meal plan to go along with The Football Fitness Accelerator?

If you would like a bespoke meal plan to improve the results you get throughout the Accelerator, we can customise a plan to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Once you have joined the program, opt to include the Bespoke Nutrition plan, and one of our performance coaches will create a bespoke plan to suit the intensity of the program, based on your personal details.

What is the refund policy for this program? 

Digital Products which are purchased through PlayerScout or The PS Training Academy (ebooks, online programs) are not eligible for return, so are non refundable. However you have 24/7 access to a performance coach if you have any questions or need help with anything on the program. 

The reason for this is because we only want to work with committed players, if you are already thinking about a refund before starting the program, you are more likely to quit or back out when the training increases. By offering a refund option, uncommitted players will always choose the easy option.

But if you are committed, then work with me to transform your football performance over the next 30 Days (starting on Monday).


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*all testimonials are specific to the individual players and individual results may vary. All testimonials are real players and parents, however may not reflect the typical players enrolment experience, and these are not intended to represent a guarantee that every player will achieve similar results.  Every single player is unique, as is there experience, habits, lifestyle and work ethic. Therefore experiences that we share from previous successful players may not reflect the typical players experience. But these results are there to highlight what motivated players have achieved in the past.  The advice in this program should not substitute any medical advice provided by your doctor. If you do have any current medical problems, that may be affected by intense training, please consult your doctor before joining the program.