Utilising the latest scientific principles I've used on grassroots to international players. Such as Strength Periodisation, Unstable Surface Training (UST), Prehab protocol, Speed Agility and Quickness (SAQ) training & an online community of 100,000 players to create lasting results. 


Player transformation results backed by the latest science, over 50 research studies & 10 yrs + first hand research during my time working in professional football and playing academy level. The techniques in this program have helped players dominate in academy fitness tests, get trials and build long lasting confidence. Proven on 10,000+ players from around the world!


Over 10,000 players of all backgrounds, skill levels, age & fitness have transformed using this proven plan. Grantley's experience having played through the academy system,  working for a professional club, and testing these techniques directly with players - many of which stay with his training alongside their professional structured football. 

The Easiest & Most Affordable Way For Players To Get:
Fitter, Faster, Stronger and Leaner

 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned On! 


Imagine Having A Football Specific Plan That Could Improve Your Athleticism And Help You Become A Better Player IN ONLY 90 DAYS!

Imagine Having A Football Specific Plan That Could Improve Your Athleticism And Help You Become A Better Player IN JUST 90 DAYS!

Are you tired with generic training advice and instagram workouts that promise the world but never deliver?

Welcome to the 90 Day Football Strength and Fitness Program. Which is an in App football strength and conditioning program. This football player transformation plan focuses on safe, long lasting results, and is proven on over 10,000 players!

The program provides over 40 strength, speed and stamina workouts. With both: 
  • Gym and field based workouts- So you can still improve your performance away from your team training
  • 100+ Easy to follow training videos: So you can perform all of your workouts with perfect form
  • Daily Training Tips From Your Performance Coach: So you can get the most out of your training
  • In App training and nutrition tracking: So you can monitor your progress and set accountability targets to ensure you excel throughout the 90 days.
  • Private Players Community: So you can discuss the latest football related topics, your progress and also get accountability partners from like minded players.
  • Player Fitness Testing: So you can see how far you progress from day 1 - 90






About The 90 Day Plan ..

110 Days Access To the PS TRaining ACademy APp

Daily video training. And in APP workouts, nutrition and habits tracking.


All workouts are designed to mimic the movements specific to football performance and to progressively overload your training safely


Daily tips from your performance coach 


Implement and track new habits to improve performance  

Step by step exercises

Exercises videos and demos for proper form and tempo

Speed & Agility

Field based workouts to improve your speed on the pitch


Now it's Your Turn, Start Your Transformation Today

"I've been awarded 2 trials with 2 professional clubs" - Arren Warner

"It's been amazing, I've done so many workouts and i feel great about myself. It has motivated me, and i can't wait to keep on going..." - Octavian

"It's been really helpful in guiding me to keep track of my training, to improve my strength and conditioning..." - Peter Mendy



Value £250

1 - 90 Days Strength & Fitness Plan

In The PS Training Academy App 

Football specific performance training, so you can become a fitter, stronger, faster and leaner player. Learn the key principles that top players use to dominate on the pitch and achieve the ultimate footballers physique.
  • Daily football specific home or gym based workouts
    (to improve your strength endurance, stamina, flexibility and mobility)
  • Video Exercise Tutorials
    (to  ensure you perform each exercise with perfect form)
  • Your Own Performance Coach in your pocket (get top level fitness advice available 24/7, so you can train like a pro without breaking the bank)
  • Create winning habits and lifestyle changes (to 10x your football progression, and help you reach your full potential in the shortest and safest time possible)

Value £99



In block 1 we will work to build a foundation of strength endurance, aerobic capacity, speed endurance and mobility. It also teaches your body to burn more fat as fuel, increase your metabolism and help you burn off unwanted stubborn fat. Each day I will set you a session in your account, that is fun and easy to follow, where every rep set and rest period is planned for you, all you have to do is follow my lead and watch your fitness improve.

Value £120



Block 2 of the program shifts the focus onto building strength, training for injury prevention and top level speed. The intensity for work increases to meet your increased energy, fitness and strength levels. Whilst your field based training moves more towards developing your speed endurance capacity, so you are able to perform more high intensity sprints throughout a 90 minute match. 

Each workout is around 40-60 minutes and is strategically scheduled to allow for a maximum work to rest ratio, so you can excel in your training and recovery. 

Value £99



The final training block takes your training to the next level of football speed development. The first 8 weeks produce the adaptations needed to produce top level speed and agility that is essential for on field performance. The introduction of more advance training in this phase will aim to improve your football physique, and increase vital muscle size needed for performance. These final 4 weeks focus on increasing your overall speed, acceleration and agility, whilst also developing flexibility and mobility to help you move better and a reduction in injury risk. 



For Ongoing Development

Our community is pretty special. With 1000's of players, I spend most of my day answering training and football development questions and speaking with players individually. This is a great way for upcoming and seasoned players to ask for expert advice, get motivation, accountability. and you are also able to meet other like-minded players every day!




4.9/5 With Over 10,000 Happy Players. Join today and reach your peak levels of fitness in just 90 days!

BA (Hons)  | REPs L3 | Dip. Sports Nutrition
My name is Grantley and I’m going to be your performance coach for the next 90 Days. I don’t think there is anyone on the planet who is more obsessed with player development than I am.

Just 8 short years ago, I launched PlayerScout with the goal of helping as many players as possible realise their potential and reach their dreams of making it to the top.

From day one we have looked for ways to make the whole football development process as clear as possible for players and parents.

And everyday, I work to simplify the transition from grassroots to academy level football.

It all started for me as an 8 year old with a dream of become and professional footballer. 

I progressed from school level, to grassroots and then through the academy system, before...

Working for a professional football team for 4 years

And now I combine my experience as a player and working within the pro game to help players reach their potential and progress to the next level. 


But I wanted to help more players, so launched took to online to spread the word, test and develop the 'Complete Player Plan'. Today we have helped 1.4 million players to date.



Guaranteed Results For All Players Willing To Work Hard And Commit

The 90 Day Football Strength and Fitness Plan is known as one of the world's leading player development plans, with thousands of members worldwide reaching their goals and getting amazing results. This is why we guarantee that if you stick to the plan you WILL achieve incredible results, even if you've previous failed on other football fitness plans in the past! 

Industry Leading Training App, for tracking workouts, meal plans and habits

Since moving all of your online programs to the PS Training Academy App, we have seen a 70% uplift in player compliance with both nutrition and training plans. The PS Training Academy App allows you to take your training plan and performance coach with your everywhere, in the gym, to team training or even if you're on vacation. You are able to stay on track, with 24 hour support and guidance, whilst tracking exactly what you put in your body and what you do in your training sessions. 

A FB Group With 1000's Of Other Players For Support Group & Daily Motivation

We love our community and try to offer as much support as possible to ensure you reach your goals. 

As well as in APP training tips from Coach Grantley, our team are available everyday in the private FB group, along with 1000's of players sharing their experiences, advice and input, adding motivation and providing daily support to hold you accountable helping you stay consistent with your training for long lasting results!

Improve your Strength, Speed, Stamina, Drop Unwanted Body Fat

Using the latest science of "Periodisation" and "SAQ Training" I've designed a unique plan that schedules your daily training for maximum progressing, whilst allowing for recovery to avoid overtraining and risk of injury. 

This is the single biggest area we see players going wrong time and time again, this program is 10 years in the making and has been proven on 1000's of players all around the world. 

Football Specific Training To Mimic Modern Game Match Intensity

Football Players have different fitness and energy needs than the general public, therefore their training needs to be different and designed to improve on field performance and recovery. 

Unlike most online training plans, which are built to improve your mirror muscles and help you impress people on the beach, this program is build to improve the attributes needed to become a better on field athlete. 

I've tailored the workouts, rep ranges, rest periods, training frequency and load to ensure that each session is geared towards improving your on field performance.

Step- By- Step Plans

  •  You get football specific workouts and sessions designed to improve strength, overall speed, acceleration, agility and stamina.
  • ​All the training blocks are specifically design to progressively develop your physical capabilities, working up to becoming a more explosive player. 
  • ​You'll get a player specific plan, that focuses on the core muscles and energy systems needed to excel in football
  • ​Each plan has either gym and field based workouts or at home and field based sessions based workouts on your current restrictions. 
  • And the best thing! Your diet doesn't have to be boring. You can still enjoy the tasty food, and know that it is fuelling your performance. 
  • ​You'll learn how to train for football performance, to become and fitter, faster, stronger and more agile player.
  • This program is easy to follow, and packed with football specific science based educational material, to not only help you improve, but give you the knowledge to know how to train in the future. It's not an overnight fix, this is a program to change your lifestyle habits and teach you how to train like a pro. 
  • ​The beauty of this program is it simplicity. Each day you click into the app and follow the session laid out for you by your performance coach. 90 Days later you will be the most explosive player you have ever been!
  • ​Plus you have daily support and coaching in the Facebook group with 1000's of like minded players!
  • ​You get 110 days access to the PS Training Academy App, so you can re-do any missed sessions or fitness tests after the 90th day. 

To Recap You Get




90 Day Football Strength & Fitness Program Value £537

For £65


*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.

THIS IS FOR PLAYERS At All Skill & Age Levels

  • Youth Grassroots Player
  • Academy Player
  • Adult Amateur Player
  • Semi Professional Player
  • Male & Female Players
  • Goalkeepers
  • Defenders
  • Midfielders
  • Forwards


For just £4.99 if you buy now

SAVE 97%!


Like I mentioned before, The Complete Player is only £4.99 when you buy now. All you need to do is click on the link and put your best email in and after payment I will send the digital copy straight through to your email address immediately! 

Now, I know what you're probably thinking...

"I Don't Know How To Become The Best Player I Can Be (Or I Am Unsure What To Do Next To Get Scouts Attention)"

And that's exactly why YOU need to get your copy of The Complete Player Plan...

If you knew how to improve every area of your game to become a player that grabs scouts attention, then you wouldn't need it. 

This workbook will show you exactly how to improve your overall game and reach your full potential using our 5 Step Transformation Pro Formula. 

And if you're anxious that you won't have what it takes...

Don't worry, by the time you have gone through the entire Pro Formula you will have full confidence in your own ability as a player, and have a clear path of progression. 

All you have to do is sign up for The Complete Player, here on this page, and i'll send you your digital copy immediately to your inbox.

And just in case you were wondering...

Why Is This So Cheap?

Well, there are a few reasons...
  • Our aim is to help: Our goal as a business is to help as many dedicated footballers as possible. When we work with players, we aim to match their dedication and hard work.
  • We love to share: There is so much contradicting football development advice online, that players can get overwhelmed. So I thought it's about time we brought a fresh outlook for players, with a clear plan of proven strategies to progress in football. 
  • ​It's what I would have wanted: As with most of the the content and courses we create here at PlayerScout, I often relate it back to help I needed as a youth and academy player. 


I know there are some companies out there that make claims that sound too good to be true, but trust me this isn't one of them. You will need to put in work to match our commitment.

But if you love football like we do, it won't feel like work. 


Here's why...

We want to start working towards your progression as soon as possible, and we know that players serious about progression will commit straight away. 

This is a no brainer, and we only want to work with players fully committed to becoming the best player they can be. 

As if you aren't committed, you will not get the most out of the training. 

So if you have come through to this page, the offer is still available. But we reserve the right to pull this offer down at anytime. 

Here is Our "PS Promise" Guarantee!

I guarantee that as a player you will improve if you commit to the 5 Step Transformation Plan, or i'll return your £4.99 within the first 7 Days of joining. 

Thats right, I am taking all of the risk here, but I'm so confident that you will not just improve, but you will enjoy the process at the same time, and i cannot wait to be a part of it. 

Sound fair? 

Thanks for your time and can't wait to work with you in the training!


P.S In case you are one of those players who skips to the end and you've missed all the good stuff above here's a recap: 

I will email your our football player development blueprint, 'The Complete Player - You're Just One Season Away for just £4.99. Yes you can get access to our 5 Step Player Transformation Plan, and all you have to pay is £4.99. 

There is no catch, no monthly commitments, no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing in for any subscription payment programs or future bills. 

In fact, if you do not like the program , i'll even refund within the first 7 days. 

So click below and let's start to work towards you becoming The Complete Player. You won't regret it.

And now I want to help you become the best player you can be, and improve your chances of progressing within the game!


What age and level is 90 Day Football Strength and Conditioning designed for?

The majority of our players are between 14-26 years old, however we do have older and younger players on the program. This program was created for any player who wants to accelerate their own progression. This is for players (or parents) who have strong dreams of reaching it to the next level. 

How will I receive The 90 Day Program programme?

Once you have enrolled in the program, you will immediately be sent an email with a link for setting up your personal account on the PS Training Academy App. This can be accessed, via your phone, tablet or desktop and will have your daily sessions scheduled for you.

How long do I get access to a the PS Academy APp?

You get access to the PS Training Academy ad soon as you enrol. All our programs start on Monday's, so the program will run for 90 Days from the first Monday after you enrol. However we understand that sometimes life gets in the way, so allow access to the app for a further 20 days after the 90 day, so you can finish up any workouts or fitness tests. 

This ensure you stay on track to reach the 90 Day goal. Experience has shown that when players have more time to complete the program, they are less dedicated to commit to the daily workouts, and therefore do not reach their fitness goals. 

Trust the process!

Do I get any support?

Yes, you get 24/7 support though the private Facebook Group. But the best thing is most of it is already built into The 90 Day Player Transformation Program!

This program is designed to be easy to follow and give you the tools and guidance to personally develop in the most time efficient manner. I've spent years developing everything in the program and then refining from feedback from the thousands of players in our community. Throughout the program you will develop your football specific speed, stamina, strength and power to become a better athlete on the field. 

But by all means if you need help with something or are confused in any way, please contact the PlayerScout team me via email or instagram DM or in the Facebook Group and we'll do our best to help you!

What is the refund policy for this program? 

Digital Products which are purchased through PlayerScout or The PS Training Academy (ebooks, online programs) are not eligible for return, so are non refundable. However you have 24/7 access to a performance coach if you have any questions or need help with anything on the program. 

The reason for this is because we only want to work with committed players, if you are already thinking about a refund before starting the program, you are more likely to quit or back out when the training increases. By offering a refund option, uncommitted players will always choose the easy option.

But if you are committed, then work with me to transform your football performance over the next 90 Days (starting on Monday). 

Is it really only this one price for all those plans and bonuses?

It sure is! Over the past 8 years we've been researching and developing the key areas needed to help players progress and get the most out of the limited time available for personal player development. And now I want to share this research backed plan with you and help as many determined players as possible!

I don't believe that opportunity, location or support should be a barrier for any player, but the hardest thing for most players is knowing where to start. And the 90 Day Player Football Strength and Fitness Program is your next step. 

One of the worst things for me is players not realising their full potential, for whatever reason. So our goal is to help as many players, by providing Done-For-You programs that will accelerate your progression and make the difference. 

Are there any extra fees or subscriptions?

No, this is a one time payment. Which barely covers the time and effort we have put into creating all of these resources for you. Once you pay this low price (roughly quarter the price of one personal training session), you can get immediate access to EVERYTHING listed above.

Are all the files digital or sent to my home?

All of the products are digital, either through the PS Training Academy App, PDF's or video. You will get access to the membership area and the PS Training Academy App straight away. We decided to keep all of the products online based to be able to keep the costs of production down, so we can offer all of this content at the lowest price and players can get the content immediately. 

Our aim is to make sure as many players as possible, get access to the best support, so they can improve and progress their careers. 

What currency is the price?

Prices are listed in UK pounds. However you can convert to your local currency by entering the uk pound price into Google. 

I don’t live in the UK, can I still join the program?

100%, we have 10,000's of players taking part in our programs from all over the world. Our online portals and Training App, make it quick and easy to access the programs from anywhere, all you need is an email address.

Can I Download The App From The App Store?

The PS Training Academy App, is a private members App, so it's not available through the App store. Once you enrol, you will get a private link for you to join the thousands of players on the 90 Day Player Transformation Program

Recent Reviews

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90 Day Football Strength & Fitness Plan £537

For Only £65

*all testimonials are specific to the individual players and individual results may vary. All testimonials are real players and parents, however may not reflect the typical players enrolment experience, and these are not intended to represent a guarantee that every player will achieve similar results.  Every single player is unique, as is there experience, habits, lifestyle and work ethic. Therefore experiences that we share from previous successful players may not reflect the typical players experience. But these results are there to highlight what motivated players have achieved in the past.  The advice in this program should not substitute any medical advice provided by your doctor. If you do have any current medical problems, that may be affected by intense training, please consult your doctor before joining the program.